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What's New?

A thought-provoking new website for artist May Ayres

I invite you to have a look at May's new website - www.mayayres.com - and tell me what you think. Her work is highly charged, highly principled, and unquestionably complex.
It's been a pleasure working for such a distinctive and distinguished artist!
I've also added a blog post describing some of the aspects of creating this new site...

New blog - on Art, Marketing and being an artist

For subjects on art and art marketing, including all things online, visit my blog, updated at least once a week. http://mikecaddy.wordpress.com
Feel free to comment with your views or questions!

Latest new website - julielue-artdesign.co.uk

It's always a pleasure to create a website for an artist who's work I particularly like.
Have a look at Julie Lue's new website; the brief was simple, not too arty, plenty of space on the page. Julie's work is highly detailed, richly embellished with materials and paints and large in scale. Enjoy!

Case Study - A new website from scratch

A web designer should do more than just build a site for you.
Download this case study to discover how I can help you organise your body of work into a web-friendly collection and support you with planning for your online future!

New product photography service announced

Many artists don't have the facilities or skills to take suitable photographs of their work, or are uncertain how to optimise the resulting images for the web.
A professional photographer can work out to be very expensive if you have a lot of pieces.
To address this, I now offer a quick and affordable service to help!

I will collect (or you can send) a consignment of your work and take a series of photographs in my own studio, using a neutral background, for a variety of uses - your website, promotional materials, press releases, newsletter emails, and so on.
IThis service is priced at £150 per day, with agreement up front on how long the work is likely to take and the resulting overall cost to you. As a rule of thumb, I aim for around 40 pieces per day, or 20 groups of 2-5 pieces where the pieces are small.

New newsletter / website update package introduced

I've just introduced a new package plan for the artist who wants to send email newsletters using their website as the launch-pad.

The package provides a monthly update for your website combined with an email newsletter (graphically rich and laid out to mirror the style of your site) mailed to your subscription list. If you prefer to mail to your list yourself, I will compile the page and images needed, load them to your website and send you the email, ready built and tested. Easy, eh?

artcraftweb.co.uk goes live!

Why did I develop a service just for artists and craftworkers? Well, in the course of my stained glass career I've met so many artists who don't have websites, or have websites that don't do their work justice.

Often the reason is that they're intimidated by the technical knowledge needed, or they're just too busy making their pieces. Cost is also a factor often. This business is my way of helping fellow artists get a decent-looking online presence, and enabling them to benefit from the power of the 'Net - often in ways they hadn't thought of!



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